TriQuest Horse Racing game

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Designed and created right here in Bozeman, Montana! TriQuest offers the thrills and excitement of horse racing anywhere!

"There are six horses. Each horse is rated for its relative speed on each quarter of the track.

A hand held electronic selector chooses the post position and regulates movement of each of the horses. It also determines the leading horse should two or more of them finish the race during the same turn.

Each player selects a horse for the duration of the game at random. The players also get two Crop Cards that may allow an extra movement for a player's horse when a card is spent. A Hold Back card is also given to be used in close race. The card is exchanged for a Crop Card and deducts two spaces from the horse's movement.

A player receives money for having one's horse finish in the top three and betting correctly. The player with the most money after three races is the winner."

-From Board Game Geek

Game Type: Family

Age Group: 10+

Game Play Time: 1 to 2 hours

# of Players: 2 - 4 Players