Skillmatics Guess in 10 The 50 States

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Ready, set, get to know your 50 states! This fun family game, Skillmatics "Guess in 10 The 50 States" is the perfect way to get your states knowledge up to par! With visuals, easy instructions, and a fun guessing game, you'll be a masters of state trivia in no time! Who said geography can't be fun?

EXCITING GAME OF QUESTIONS – Ask up to 10 questions to guess the state on the Game Card! Does this state have a lot of beaches? Are the Red Sox from this state? Be the first player to win 7 game cards!

ABOUT THE GAME – This game is all about the 50 states of America! Learn all about what these states are known for, their characteristics, how they were named, & more in this super fun game of guessing! This game is for 2-6 Players.

WHAT’S INSIDE – Includes 50 Game Cards and 6 Clue Cards.

—description from the publisher - Board Game Geek