Yarr Harr! Pirate Ship Building Game

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Yarr-Harr! is a light strategy, easy to learn, fast-paced ship-building card game that is fun for the whole family.
It includes Ship, Action, Captain, and Objective Cards. You use the Ship Cards to build a ship. The Ship Cards vary in doubloon value and that is what makes up your point total at the end of the game.
There are 15 different Action Cards, some of which help you while others hinder your opponents. Captain and Objective Cards are optional additions to game play, but we think they are pretty fun! Captain Cards give each player a special ability to help them throughout the game. Objective Cards give players opportunities to earn extra points throughout the game, in addition to the points they earn from building their ship.

—From the Designer

Game Type: Card Games

Age Group: 8+

Game Play Time: 15 to 30 Minutes

# of Players: 2- 6 Players