Christmas Trivia Game

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"Christmas 'Tis the season! What better time to engage in a game of Christmas Trivia than when the family's gathered together for the holidays? Learn all about Yuletide lore through the centuries, from the Three Kings to King Wenceslas, St. Nicholas to Sinterklaas, Ebenezer Scrooge to Frosty the Snowman. Categories test your knowledge of carols, movies, the North Pole, traditions and stocking stuffers."

In Christmas Trivia Game, each player tries to correctly answer two questions in each of five categories (or one of each, for a quicker game). Each player chooses a category, and the player to the right draws a card and asks the question in that category. Correct answers are recorded on a piece of paper. The card is then replaced at the bottom of the card stack. Play continues until one player has answered the designated number of questions.

From the Box Game Description

Game Type: Trivia, Thematic

Age Group: 12+

Game Play Time: 15 to 30 Minutes

# of Players: 2- 6 Players