Bears and the Bees

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Come join the Hive! Compete to link honeycomb-shaped cards to the growing hive. The more sides you match, the greater the payoff. Special cards help earn extra plays and deliver stings to your rivals. Just be careful to avoid those pesky honey-grubbin' bears!

—description from the back of the box

Play down a card with two sides matching other cards (i.e. blue touching blue and green touching green). Honey sides are wild.
The first player to put all their cards down ends the round and scores 0. Other players score according to cards still in hand. The lowest score after 3 rounds wins.
Honeycomb: Normal cards, have varying patterns of colors.
Drone Bee: Has 3 honey sides and 3 colored sides.
Worker Bees: Make other players draw cards. Draw amount increases with the number of matched sides.
Flowers: Make all other players draw cards according to the number of sides matched.
Bear: One side has to touch honey. No other cards can be played on the bear.

—user summary

Game Type: Animals, Card Game, Puzzle

Age Group: 8+

Game Play Time: 20 Minutes to 1 Hour

# of Players: 2 - 4 Players